I had to deal with this error today. I went to the customer location and found a c2300 code on the machine. I tried a u906 and u163… neither one worked… I took out the fuser and turned it half a rotation stuck it back in… it ran for a bit… I then decided to take the machine apart… after taking of the back covers and spinning the fuser gear assembly by hand, I hit upon an idea… If the fuser gear assembly is loose and the fuser is tight… then maybe the fuser is the issue… I took apart the fuser and spun the rollers a full rotation ten times… after that, I stuck it in the machine… it made some crazy noises but it worked… I ordered a fuser and told the customer not to use the machine… My thoughts… the c2300 is caused by the fuser binding up not moving freely… not sure of the cause… this can cause a destroyed fuser gear box… or worst case cause current problems and destroy the main board… thank fully I caught it in the nick of time…

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