In the past, I have worked with a variety of remote monitoring softwares. An example of this is software that uses printer dca. On occasion, I have been in situations where the software is installed but does not connect beyond the network. There are a couple of things to try if this happens.

1 Open the ports used by the software on the pc or server where it has been installed and on the router and or firewall that it is used on.
2. Upgrade the priviledges of the software by running it as administrator.
3. If given the choice between desktop mode and service… run as a service and give the service administrator priviledges.
4. make sure that snmp is not blocked by your network and that it is turned on on your printer/copier/mfp
5. make sure that the collection server isn’t blocked
6. make sure that the software monitoring your printer/copier/mfp can see the ip address/host name of the printer/copier/mfp
7. if network traffic is heavy try increasing monitoring software’s timeout period.
8. make sure there is no snmp conflict… monitoring software must be the only software on the pc or server using snmp… if not conflicts will occur… and the monitoring software will lose… example of software that use snmp are remote desktop and snmp agents. snmp agents are any software that relays status of printers and computers… such as toner low, busy and such etc…
9. and always make sure the software can see the printer before trying anything else. It makes no sense frustrating the IT mgr when it is just print driver incompatiblity or worse yet… printer incompatibility… and that happens…

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