I had a service call today. I was working on a designjet. The designjet had just about everything replaced on it but the kitchen sink. By the time I took a look at it, It was giving an ink cartridge empty error. Every time an ink cartridge was replaced, two days later it began saying it was empty. I tried firmware issue remained. I did some research on this issue. It is an issue. Apparently some ink cartridges from hp expire within 12 to 24 months.

Solutions are
1. follow the bouncing ball… follow the screen prompts to clear the message… message may or may not reoccur.
2. reset the ink cartridge chip… this can be done with a chip resetter. (Find by googling)
3. find the virtually nonexistent reset instructions that hp claims exist (if it exist google will find it…)
4. pray that the printer gods will help… (active member… I take donations… small bills… no firstborns… )

Verification is check the ink cartridge expiration, if possible.

Preventative is ask the supplier if they reset the date chips on their ink cartridges and ofcourse have the chip resetter handy…

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