I was working on some datamax I class printers and had some issues with labels printing too far apart. The first thing I did was unlatch the printhead… turn off the machines and wait 30 seconds… then I got a cotton swab and dipped it in some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. I then cleaned the print head. That got rid of some of the issues with the print quality.

My next step was to actually work on the distancing issue with the labels… I realized I had to do some calibration on the machine…

First I tried automatic calibration… To do that you have to uncalibrate the datamax then recalibrate it

To “Un-Calibrate” hold down the three front buttons on the unit (Pause, Feed, and Cancel) while powering it on. You will get a message on the front of the printer that says “Un-calibrated”


After the printer “Un-Calibrates” hold down the feed button for 7 seconds and the printer will attempt to re-calibrate. If it still fails to calibrate, do a manual calibration.

If that does not work you will need to perform

To perform manual calibration… you need to press the menu key… if needed enter a code and then cycle to the media settings and then to the sensor calibration. You will need to take out the paper for the first settings… peel off the label and put the roll back in to get the backing setting… then pull the label forward for the third setting… then manual calibration is finished…

if that doesn’t work… you will need to do advanced calibration and if you are going that far… a sensor probably is bad…

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