If you are getting this error code 08.055.44 xxxx here are your options.
1. First try this… try restarting the machine like 10 times… sometimes the startup tests can fix the issue…
2. If that doesn’t work then you need to go into the service mode….. by holding down the back button and the help key for 30 seconds… when the machine finally says diagnostic something… then let go… so where are these keys… they are on the either side of the up and down keys… once there your next step is to run the head maintenance clutch test and the drive wiper test… Here is your routine… run these test 5 times each… exit diagnostic mode then restart the machine and see if any change… do this for atleast 6 times… takes a while to jar stuff loose.
3. If that doesn’t work your next step is to take off the covers and do some exploratory… check around and see if you see any gunked up ink anywhere it should’t be… sure fire sign… is a gear with ink on it… Ok… put machine back together… if you get a different error code… you need to take covers off and fix loose wires if same error code… you need to check by the wiper and the maintenance clutch… clean them and make sure nothing is stuck together with ink… (either the wiper blade is out of adjustment or it stuck to the print head.)
4. if that still doesn’t work… you are going to need to take clean up the process drive assembly the best you can… without breaking anything… heck… you are going to need to be carefull of breaking everything… its plastic and if you are doing this then stuff is brittle…. and it will break if you sneeze on it…
5. if still not working… then you are going to need to replace the process drive assembly…

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