Why Pick A Black And White or Monochrome Copier Over A Color Copier…

Why Pick A Black And White or Monochrome Copier Over A Color Copier…

Why do you need a decent printer?
You need a decent printer when you are doing beyond 1000 prints a month. At this point your typical $100 printer will basically go to pieces. To repair one of those will typically cost you over $100. This is if they still make the parts.

Why do you need a copier?
You need a copier if you are making 3000 prints a month. At this point, it really is more economical to go with a copier. It is easier just to do everything in house. This way you can focus on running your business and not going to the store and making copies or replacing your printer every 6 months or calling the printer repair man.

Difference between owning a copier and a printer?
If you own a copier it makes sense to get a service contract. Copiers, like all equipment, have parts that will wear down and need replacing. The cost of replacing these parts can often be more than your service contract. You also have the added bonus of having a professional working on your copier and in your corner.

Why should you own a black and white and not a color copier?
To put it simply, a color copier has 4 toners, 4 drums and 4 developers. This means there are 4 times as many things that can go wrong. Compare this to a black and white or monochrome copier and you have only 1 toner, 1 developer, and 1 drum. I can tell you from a tech point of view that means that the mono or black and white copier is going to have much less downtime. Also keep in mind, color copiers run calibration routines to keep colors aligned and looking their best. This uses toner. So its possible to never use your color copier and run completely out of toner. This is something you never have to worry about with monochrome or black and white copiers. This also applies to printers…

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