I had an issue this week with a client and a hp 9250c digital sender. Apparently, the hp 9250c began showing a message to change the adf kit. I changed it but the display was locked so no admin screen was available. If it were it would be a simple thing to reset the change adf message by doing the following:

1. On the Home screen, touch Administration.
2. Scroll down and touch Resets.
3. Touch Reset Supplies.
4. Touch New Document Feeder Kit.
5. Touch Yes, and then touch Save.

Unfortunately, the hp 9250c had been administratively locked and the IT mgr had forgotten about it. I had to remind him that.

He could change the password by doing the following.
1. Press SHIFT+ALT+Duplex (the button under the green and red buttons)
2. Type “erase password please” (without quotes, but including spaces)
3. Press OK

or he could do a cold reset but that would clear out all his settings.

1. Power Off the Digital Sender.
2. Power On the Digital Sender.
3. While the product is performing its memory count, hold down the 6 key. When the three status LEDs are illuminated, release the 6 key.
4. Press the 3 key four times until the display shows COLD RESET.
5. Press the 6 key once to initiate the cold reset. The product will continue its boot sequence.

but before doing a cold reset or changing password it might be simpler to try the default password when logging into the web admin page of the digital sender by doing the following:

1. enter the ip address of the hp 9250c scanner in the browser.
2. enter the login (default login is admin) and password (by default there is no password its just blank)
3. goto the settings tab
4. configure device
5. under the resets should be an option to clear the adf kit message.
6. reboot hp 9250c after clearing message

My client was very happy with the level of detail that I was able to relate.

Last point…. this works for all HP 9XXX SERIES DIGITAL SENDERS…

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