Never use an anti-static wrist strap while working on a CRT monitor, even if it is unplugged. CRT monitors operate on very high voltages — sometimes as high as 40,000 volts — and can hold these voltages for a long time even when they are unplugged. An LED monitor doesn’t require as much voltage.

So what does all that mean? Here it is in simple terms: If you happen to touch a CRT monitor’s flyback transformer or its anode while you are grounded to the monitor’s chassis by a wrist strap, you will probably die.

A friend of mine learned that this past week, when he was thrown across a room from a crt monitor electric discharge. He is lucky to be alive…

So if its that dangerous to work on a crt monitor then who should do it. Strangely enough… this is one for your tv repair man. Yes they still exist…

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