I was talking to a tech this week. He was in a panic. The ricoh 3035 that he installed kept falling off the network. He told me what he did… he set the printer up with an ip address assigned via dhcp and every thing worked. But now it keeps falling off the network.

First I told him what dhcp does… it assigns an ip address to a host name and goes from there.

I also explained that some routers have the ability to reserve ip addresses.

He explained that the it person did reserve the ip address for the printer.

I then explained that its very likely the router is going bad.

That is not his fault he said.

But you have to compensate…

How he asked…

I said simply put… the it person has to limit the scope of the ip addresses and then just drop the router outside of it.

He said… ok…

Here is what I mean… if your ip address range goes from to then you limit the scope by changing it to to and you make the ip address of the copier or printer

Now the router can screw up as much as it wants. it wont affect the printer unless it can’t hold network settings. In that case its easy enough to prove because nothing on the network will work right… because the ip range will not be to it will become something like to or some other range or it will not respond to the range it has. whatever the case… the network wont work right…

bad router… not bad printer…

he was happy…

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