How To Simulate A Slow Network ( WAN/LAN )

How To Simulate A Slow Network ( WAN/LAN )

Let us say you run into a situation where you have a printer that prints very fast but the copier prints very slow or you just have a copier printing very slowly.  Lets say this is occuring on a LAN or even A WAN.  Lets also say you are given time to research it.  The best option would be to try to reproduce a slow network.  To do this you would need…
1.  A basic network with a switch, a pc or laptop a printer and some time.
2.  A program called Netlimiter… this program is installed on or on the test pc and it limits your bandwidth
3.  A program called TMnetsim…. this program creates latency
4.  Michel Roth’s Article How To: Simulate WAN Connections in Your Own Test Lab, For Free!

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