If you are unlucky enough to get PCL XL Errors then here are a couple of things to try.

1. Try downgrading your PCL to PCL 5 or 6 by installing a driver that uses another PCL format or changing an adjustment in your current driver.

2. Try upgrading the software thats doing the printing. Adobe Reader 6 will give you PCL XL errors while Adobe Reader 9 will not.

3. Try vanilla-fying the driver. Try to get rid of all the bells and whistles in the driver so its just a basic driver… disable any enhanced functions or special gadgets…

4. Change your port from RAW To LPR and try this LPR SETUP

5. Verify that the driver is detecting all printer accessories correctly. This will also cause pcl xl errors.

If none of those works then your printer firmware is probably the issue. If you can upgrade the firmware that should solve it but if you can’t change the firmware and the steps 1-5 tricks don’t work for you then your only step is to upgrade your printer.

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