Equitrac Copier Install Note

When installing Equitrac on your copier, make sure of the following.

1. Make sure to call Equitrac
(Phone: 1.877.EQUITRAC,
or 1.519.885.2417 for calls outside of North America
Email: support@equitrac.com )

and find out what cable is needed, if any.

2. Call your help desk and find out what the procedures for installation are. Equitrac comes in two flavors the embedded and the connected.

Embedded requires you to install software on your copier and connect via network to Equitrac.

Connected requires a special cable that makes Equitrac operate like a coin op.

3. Your can then arrange with Equitrac or have your customer arrange with Equitrac to send them the cable.

4. The next step is to install the cable or network the copier so it can see Equitrac

5. Once you can see Equitrac and you are sure all is working fine then do a quick review training and you are done.

A Note:

The cable that you get from Equitrac comes with an adapter cable. This might lead you to make a mistake. You might inadvertently connect two different Equitrac cables together becuase of it. This can occur when you are replacing an older copier with Equitrac with a newer copier with Equitrac. If such a situation occurs… you will be unable to have a fully functional Equitrac install. To remedy this you need to completely disconnect the old Equitrac cable and remove the adapter and disconnect it from Equitrac and then connect the new Equitrac cable without the adapter. Once that is done all should be well….

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