If you are in a situation where the copier is just way too far and their is no direct ethernet access then you have a couple of options…
If you need just a simple solution and all your wiring is connected then try a

wall plugged ethernet extender.  It functions effectively as an ethernet cable.  You plug your router into one end then plug that into the wall.  You then plug your copier in the other end and plug it into the wall and you are good… if you have two eithernet ports on your copier then you add a

switch in between.  If you have a usb copier then you add a

print server in between. One caution they don’t like surge protectors and they do get hot.  To compensate for the heat you could try prying off the back cover and with a drill and drill some holes in the cover… as for the surge protector… can not help you there…

If you are truly confident in your I.T. skills then you could try bridging your network with either two ethernet

bridges or one ethernet bridge if you have a

wireless router.  There are many solutions for this but I prefer trendnet’s solution.



If, however, you feel that all this is quite beyond you then… go get a crimping tool, some rj 45 end connectors, a spool of cat 5e cable, possibly some faceplates, ethernet wall jacks and goto town.  It might be hard work but sometimes cabling is best.

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