Possible solutions to copier going offline when printing

Possible solutions to copier going offline when printing

check the network card
Check the cable
possible bad cable or connection? can go to command prompt and perform “ping -t” to get a continuous ping response.. (use control + c to stop pinging)

Make sure the light by printer ethernet port is green
Turn off any port monitoring and/or network monitoring tools
Make sure that the copier is not getting excessive power spikes
Make sure the copier has a dedicated line

Make sure the wall outlet is rated correctly and is the proper voltage and current

Turn netware off if not being used.
Turn ipp off if not being used
Turn off Bonjour in the web interface.

If network is slowing down do this
Send a large PDF and watch the spooling progress in the print queue. If it starts out buzzing along at 2MB/second and then it slow down to 100KB/second, or stall altogether then after 30 seconds it goes Offline. Try this…. set FRPO J2 from default ’6′ (30 seconds) to ’12′ (60 seconds) in the Command Center, Printer, FRPO Settings, I/F Dependent. Then submit. In other words, increase how long it takes for the copier to timeout when communicating.

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