Thou shalt know thy software applications

Thou shalt know thy software applications

I got a call today… customer says, ” my copier keeps giving me these weird errors when I print. I make the assumption copier is having a meltdown… I tell the customer to do a simcode 906… issue appears resolved… on a routine visit, the issue reoccurs. I check the copier… its fine… I try to print… it errors out… I take a close look at the application which in this case is adobe reader. The document is 11 by 17 and the application is set to print it at the document size which is 11 by 17. The customer only has letter or legal size paper in the copier. To fix the issue I set the app to shrink to fit and unchecked all the other bells and whistles… The app prints like a dream… the customer had left but his secretary was there. I explained to her but she had hers set that way… from the get go… the moral of the story is to know thy applications… if I wasn’t familiar with adobe reader I would not have been able to figure it out… in other words… you need to have a bigger library than just drivers…. and manuals… you need to be familiar with basic software apps as well… and no I am not going to blame the customer…

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