Setting up scanning for mac from the mac side and then how to use it on the copier side

Setting up scanning for mac from the mac side and then how to use it on the copier side

What I am going to show you is how to set up scan to smb for mac os x 10.5 (leapard). This may differ slightly for other versions but the basic underpinning ideas will hold true…

1. select apple in your upper left corner
2. select system preferences
3. under system preferences select sharing from internet and network
4. in the list of services check file sharing and select options
5. select share files and folders using smb
6. select user name that you want enabled
7. enter the password associated with that name
8. select done. this will make the home directory of the user visible and shared
9. now browse the hard drive and select the users folder.
10. open the directory of the user that you made visible. this will be the directory that you will scan to
11. inside that folder create a new folder by selecting file and selecting new folder. Give the folder a name you will remember.
12. write down the name of the users home directory, the folder path and the ip address of the workstation. You can find the ip address under about this mac or under the network in the preferences section.

lets say the name of your user is johndoe and your password is pass and the name of your scan folder is scans and your workstation ip address is

then you would enter the following info in the copier

path: johndoescans
username: johndoe
password: pass

and that should be it…

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