Similarities Between Brands Of Copiers

Similarities Between Brands Of Copiers

Many times as a tech you will see a brand of copier that you have never worked on before and you will know it inside out. This is because you worked on a model that was licensed from that brand to your copier brand. I have seen this numerous times with kyocera models that have the same functionality and feel of konica models…

When this starts happening to you, you will be able to fix most copiers out there. The only thing that you will really need is the service manual and the operations guide. With those two you will get a feel for anything the model you are working on can do. As far as networking is concerned, most copiers network the same way… Nothing is very complicated any more…

If at a loss for manuals, there are many sites online that sell cd manual compilations… this can come in very handy for diligent technician

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