Scanning Methods

Scanning Methods

Scan to WIA
This will be the new usb standard. The old scan to usb used twain. This one uses wia. I haven’t done too much of it so I can’t really comment except to say it runs just like usb when you get it working right.

Scan to USB
This scanning requires no network so your issues will either be virtual usb drivers, cable, pc needs rebooting or reinstalling of twain drivers

Scan to PC via scanner file utility
this kind of scanning a basic home network setup so your issues will be your computer permissions, computer exceptions and copier scanner.

Scan to PC via SMB
This kind of scanning requires a basic home network setup. you are logging into the pc with no utilities. Your issues will be permissions and your network (rarely network)

Scan to FTP
With scan to PC via scanner utility and SMB you can get away with host name but with FTP just use the IP address of the computer your ftp server is on and make it static. It will save you headache. This method works but is rarely used. Your soft spot is your permissions on the pc where the folder is located, your network and the copier

Scan to email.
Simplest to setup. This requires email address, login and password as well as smtp server. Problem areas are email provider. Sometimes email accounts don’t play nice with email scanners. On occasion, they will bounce emails from scanner thinking its spam or some other unauthorized entry. Sometimes your network will block the ip address of the scanner or even the port due to router server issues. The simplest to setup but when it goes bad it goes bad…

To test all scanning
setup a work environment on your laptop.
verify the scan setup on your laptop is working ok.
create a simple network with your laptop and scanner via a crossover cable or two ethernet cables and a switch
test it.
in general, this will work.
the problem will usually be your pc or the network. In the case of scan to email, it could even be your email service provider.

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