How to Install a usb scanner (km 1820)

How to Install a usb scanner (km 1820)

This morning I was convinced that the km 1820 was not a usb scanner. This evening I know better.

If you do not follow these instructions a copier may suffer serious harm….

How to install a usb scanner for km 1820 or any other scanner product.

Don’t plug in the usb cable… and I repeat do not plug in the usb cable. This is me with my boot in your face do not plug in the usb cable. Next unplug any other usb or other silly peripherals except for the mouse and keyboard and monitor. Next delete every virtual usb port from the system that they you are allowed to. Next with your pc now isolated from the network and no usb cable connected install the usb scanner. Install your scanner software. Open up your twain driver and name it. Start your scanner software and you should see your twain driver in the scanner drop down list. (paperport) Go scan something… It should work… if it doesn’t restart your pc. if it still doesn’t work… delete all printer drivers and virtual usb ports and the twain driver and restart then do a fresh install… it should work then…

then breath a collective sigh with me…. DDDAAAANNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

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