Vista Blocked Programs Fix

Vista Blocked Programs Fix

Many times when you are setting up scanning in vista your programs will get blocked. Sometimes you will be able to work around it but there are times when your setup will have to last just as it is. Now, here is the deal. As you know vista blocks a program and you have to enable it every time from the tray. This kind of defeats the purpose of upgrading to a copier. Automation is the key and this atribute makes your copier look like garbage.

I searched and searched and here is the fix…

Start—-Run—-and type in msconfig.exe

Go to STARTUP Tab and remove the app that is blocked by Vista noting on a sheet of paper where the program is run from. If the program app is run from the startup menu, then just go to Start—All Program Files—Startup Folder and remove the app there.

After removing the app, create an app Task using the Task Schedule with full VISTA blessed permission by following the instructions below:

1. Launch the Task Scheduler
Example: Start Menu → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools

2. From the Actions panel on the right, select Create Task…
a. Give the app a name of your choice in the “Name Section”

3. Go to the Security Options on the General tab
a. Select an user account with administrative privileges
b. Select the radio button Run only when user is logged on
c. Check the box Run with highest privileges

4.Go to the Triggers tab and click New…
a. In Begin the task, select At log on
b. In the Settings options, select All users
c. In the Advanced Settings options, check the box Enabled
d. Click OK to close the dialog

5. Go to the Actions tab and click New…
a. For Action, select Start a program
b. In the Settings options, browse for the Program/Script you want to execute on
c. Click OK to close the dialog

6. Go to the Settings tab
a. Check the box Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed
b. Uncheck the box Stop the task if it runs longer than

7. Make any other desired settings

8. Click OK to save and close the task properties

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