Scan To Linux

Scan To Linux

change the IP address from your PC to a fixed one (never DHCP on the computer for scanning from a copier !!!) (e.g.

Create a user SMB with pass SMB (easy to remember – an IT engineer can change it, and then will have to read and follow these following steps to adapt it to the new user)

2. create a folder named SCAN

3. share the folder SCAN, and verify that all users have total control on the folder SCAN (right click on SCAN, Tab share/security, TOTAL CONTROL must be check for SMB user …)

4. from another computer (if you have one), try to go on your IP with the folder, by connecting on this address with SMB user, and SMB pass (=SMB !!) (e.g. // in the explorer of windows, and when Windows asking you a user, type SMB, and pass SMB – if it is correct, you are done !

on the copier in the appropriate section enter

ADRESS of the server :

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