Turning On Dhcp on your copier

Turning On Dhcp on your copier

Ok now comes an interesting situation. What if you are facing a situation where the network is dynamic and the customer will not let you reserve space for your copiers IP address? My first reaction is ok… Then I usually turn DHCP on and set the copier up for host printing… I usually flip on all the various network settings. If there is an issue with a setting I turn it off. Network settings TCP/IP, NETWARE, APPLETALK, NETBEUI… Now lets say you have done that and you try a test print and it doesn’t work… repeatedly doesn’t work. More than likely you need to turn the copier off… wait 2 minutes then turn the copier on and wait 5-10 minutes… you wait the initial 2 so that everything goes down.. and the 5-10 now that is most important. This is so that any resolution that needs to take place between the copier host name and the dynamic IP address it has picked can be taken care of. Its a good idea to always give the copier a 5-10 minute warm up time before printing when its in this state if not… you could end up with print jobs on your your Que errored out…

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