( RJ45 ) How to Make them: Network Cables

( RJ45 ) How to Make them: Network Cables



Pin # Wire Color
1 White/Green
2 Green
3 White/Orange
4 Blue
5 White/Blue
6 Orange
7 White/Brown
8 Brown
568-A Color Code
Pin # Wire Color
1 White/Orange
2 Orange
3 White/Green
4 Blue
5 White/Blue
6 Green
7 White/Brown
8 Brown
568-B Color Code
Its always good to be self sufficient and with network
cables this is doubly so. If you are a technician and you are
doing networking its a good idea to make network cables. With
cables costing as much as $30 a pop, its cheaper to buy a
spool of cable and the end connectors as well as the crimper
and go to town. Management can always charge for the service
and you, my dear tech look absolutely brilliant. One thing to
keep in mind when making network cables is you don’t have to
strip the actual wires inside. Most instructions say this but
if you are someone like me who doesn’t know their own strength you can
actually rip the wire inside the cable and not know it. Your
best bet when making cables is to strip the of the outer cover,
seperate out the cables, organize them by apropriate color order, cut
them with the crimping tool then apply the end connect and crimp.
Remember your instructions even the ones here say strip.
Stripping isn’t neccessary. When you crimp, the end
connect will cut right into the wires and make the connection.

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