To remove a user from an Active Directory group

  1. In Profiles, click Group Manager.
  2. In the Find User or Group screen, in the Find pane, select the Users option.
  3. In the Search Filter box, type the name of the user you want to remove. You can use a wildcard character (*) in the name.
  4. Click Find Now.If your search returns no results or more than 1,000 results, an error message appears. The results of a successful search are listed.
  5. Select the user you want to remove from an Active Directory group, and then click Open on the toolbar.
  6. In the Manage User screen, in the Groups that this user belongs to list, select the group from which you want to remove the user, and then click Remove Object on the toolbar.The user is removed from the selected Active Directory group.
  7. Click Back to return to the Find User or Group screen.
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