If you connected the multi-function printer/scanner to your PC and then
installed the printer drivers/software, the chances are very high
that the printer may work but scanner function will not.

Most scanners or multi purpose printers require
that you install the software before connecting the scanner or printer/scanner.

Step By Step Instructions:
1) Disconnect the multi-function printer or scanner.
2) Uninstall the printer/scanner software and twain drivers using
the Add/Remove programs option.
3) Look/search for folders associated with your printer/scanner model that
contain ‘Twain’ files, if the folder(s) still exist after the uninstall,
then delete these files and the associated folders.

Note: In the list of files that Search has found you can ignore any
files listed in:

NOTE: In the C:WINDOWStwain_32 folder you may have
one or more files. The one “not to delete” is named:  wiatwain.ds
(wiatwain.ds is installed by Windows XP)
Any additional files in this folder were most likely created when you
installed the printer/scanner. Check each files ‘Properties’ and if has the
brand of your scanner (Epson, Cannon, HP, Etc) identified as the
company/brand, those files can be safely deleted.

On my PC I have my HP scanner’s twain file located in:
C:Program FilesHewlett-PackardPrecisionscan Pro 3.1TwainCtrl.ocx
There should be something similar on your PC, so in my case at least
I would uninstall the HP Scanner software and if that ‘TwainCtrl.ocx file
is still there after uninstalling the scanner software I would delete it.
I also have a second twain file named ‘Twain_32.dll’ located in:
C:Program FilesAdaptecEasy CD Creator 5PhotoRelay

4) Check Device Manager and remove any entries if necessary.
5) Create a Restore Point
6) Scan registry using the brand name/make of the scanner as key word for
search. (Delete any entries found, but be certain it’s a scanner related entry)
7) Reboot the PC and once again check Device Manager,
it should not show any listings for the printer/scanner.
8) Now reinstall the software and twain drivers.
9) Shutdown the PC.
10) With the PC power off, connect the printer/scanner and then
restart/boot to Windows.

Note: Sometimes it’s might help if you try a different USB port if you
printer/scanner is a USB device.

One easy way to test your software installation’s twain driver are working,
is to use a graphics editor named IrfanView.

If you download, install and run this software,
located in the menu bar is an option named ‘File’.
On selecting the ‘File’ option you should find an
option (near the bottom of the list) to named:
‘Select TWAIN Source’, click on this option
and a popup should then display valid Twain sources
for you scanner. If you see your scanner listed,
select it, and then try to scan an object (Photo).

By selecting Twain Source from the file menu IrfanView should load
your scanner’s software and then scan.

If you choose the ‘Copy Shop’ option also in the file menu you have the
ability to bypass your scanner’s software and directly scan a photo into
IrfanView. Try the ‘Copy Shop’ option and let me know what happens.
Note that ‘Copy Shop’ will list both your scanner’s Photo editing/scanning
software and the hardware name (make & model) of your scanner when
you click on Copy Shop’s ‘Select Twain Source’ button.
You should choose the scanner’s hardware option.

For instance on my PC the Photo editing/scanner software is named:
‘HP Precisionscan Pro 3.1′
The second entry in Copy Shop’s ‘Select Twain Source’ list is my scanner
make and model which shows as:
‘WIA-Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 5470C 1.0′

So for me when using Copy Shop I select the second entry when
asked to select a Twain Source.
I then check the ‘Show Twain Preview’ box.
(I check this option so the scanned image does not go directly
to the printer, but instead is displayed in IrfanView).
Next I click the ‘Start’ button located a the bottom of the Copy Shop
window to start the scan.


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