Firefox Freeze Fix
Part I
Faster Firefox
1. click the firefox menu
2. click preferences
3. click the advanced tab
4. click the network tab
5. click settings where is says “configure how firefox connects to the internet”
6. select manual proxy configuration
7. enter the following in the HTTP Proxy field:
8. enter the following in the port field [next to the above setting]: 0
9. click ok
10. restart firefox

Part II
80% less lockups in Firefox

If you are using Firefox 3 Beta, and you are having the issue that firefox will lock up with 100% (or nearly so) disk access semi-randomly for a few seconds, this is the solution

In order to fix this issue, open Firefox, and in the address bar, type:


and hit enter. You will come to a page that asks you if you’re sure that you want to proceed. Click the “I’ll be careful, I promise button” (because you will, won’t you?)

In the “Filter:” box, type:


and hit enter. You are looking for an entry in the results with the name:


If it exists, then right click on its entry, and click on the “modify button”. Enter the value, in bytes, that you want it to cache. For machines with enough memory, “104857600″ (without the quotes. This is equal to 100 MB) is recommended. If its set to -1 then make it 100 MB

If it does not exist, right click anywhere and select “new”, then select “integer”. Enter “urlclassifier.updatecachemax” (without the quotes) as the name, and enter the value, in bytes, that you want it to cache. See above for recommended values.

Once you’ve done this, restart firefox, the changes will apply, and you should be 80% freeze free.

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