Ok…. You are stuck at home on the weekend
and you want to burn some ISO‘s to cd’s and you want to make them
bootable… I don’t know maybe you want to install windows 7 or windows
2003 standard. Hey, it could happen. Ok… Now you
are ready to burn… and you are like… ok… lets go use my cd burner
xp or some other iso burner… and its all cool… Ok after killing 20
dvd’s and 10 cds I can tell you what to not do and what to do…
Oh did I mention I did this in 48 hours… yes… I am a sick
bastard… ok… now here are your steps…
step 1. Install virtual pc… Just do it…
step 2. Now for the then… Ok you next step
is to install an os in virtual pc so you are used to it… follow these
and you will understand. 

Step 3. Now that you understand how to work virtual pc.
Create an os and call it test. When the black
screen comes up select CD and capture ISO… If your ISO is
built ok… then everything should work if not then it will fail.
Now you are wondering why is he telling me this after having
me test a bunch of OS installs on Virtual PC. Simple, the
time will come for you as it did for me that you will need to create a
bootable cd and you will have done everything and the fool
just wont boot. Its simpler to test your ISO in virtual pc
than to go through 30 dvds… and yes the number did go up… I did
that for dramatic effect… hold… while I put my eyes back in there
sockets… ok… there… all done…

Step 4. Now that you have a test bed for your ISO… Here is
what you need to build a bootable ISO. The program you want
to make into an iso and the boot file. Follow this tutorial on how
to create a bootable cd. Ok Now that you know how
to do it… lets download cdburner
and make one… After you make it then you
test it in virtual pc… if you got errors then the crap
isn’t working. By the way, you can use a program called magicdisc
or you can use powerISO
to mount an ISO on a virtual drive.

Step 5. Ok now that you have done lots of testing and your
bootable iso is working… now for the easy part… its only easy if
you have this program. Its called ISO recorder. I
know what you are thinking… no problem… I can find this online and
do a great job… Wrong… if you search for this online… you will
find a program thats called ISO recorder which should be called crap in
the box recorder… just follow my link… TADA

Step 6. At this point make sure you have a blank cd/dvd of
the right length, instert it and then find your ISO right click on it
and click “copy image

and you are done… or you can mount the image and then use “copy cd to cd” this generally works better

If you use roxio or nero or cd burner xp or anybody else…
you have to do some serious crap adjustements… with ISO recorder its
just point and shoot….

Sometimes Microsoft does good… I found the right ISO recorder while
looking for Dreamspark….
and thats another story…

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