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First of all, I must say that we appreciate the fact that you took the time to visit this blog. We have tried to put together a resource that we would use…

1. We did that for an easy reference. We all know how vast any field is and sometimes its easier to know where things are than to remember the specifics of what they are.

2. We did this to give back to the tech community that has given so much to us.

3. We did this because well we enjoy sharing our knowledge. We are geeks and thats what good geeks do.

Rambling… thats what we do here…

In any case, why should you contact us…

1. You need help with a copier problem or printer problem or god forbid a network problem…
The solution is not listed in this resource and or the various forums that we link to…
The solution is available in those resources but its not detailed enough
You need to find out where to get a resource, a part, a manual, a copier or something technical… sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes.

2. You wish to partner with us…
You wish to place an add on this site.
You wish to write a post or add a resource to our site.
You wish for us to review a product.
You wish to sponsor this site.

3. You wish to voice your opinion.
You don’t agree with a post or page.
You found a broken link or a missing page.
You believe that a page or a link needs to be removed.

4. You want to support us by shopping through ebay
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5. You can also send us bitcoins


7.You can also send us litecoins




There may be other reasons but I believe thats enough for now…



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