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Here is how to disassemble PS3… ( IF YOU DO THIS YOU WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY ) DISASSEMBLY GUIDE FOR PS3 40GB DISASSEMBLY GUIDE FOR PS3 60GB FAT DISASSEMBLY GUIDE FOR PS3 SLIM Related External Links 2013 Fantasy Football: How … Continue reading

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Sharing A Printer

Sharing A Printer Many times you will have to share out a printer from the server or another pc. Sharing a printer means that printer driver is located one pc and you are creating a shortcut to that driver from … Continue reading

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In DOS, OS/2, and also Microsoft Windows, batch file is the name given to a type of script file, a text file containing a series of commands to be executed by the command interpreter. A batch file may contain any … Continue reading

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Equitrac Copier Install Note When installing Equitrac on your copier, make sure of the following. 1. Make sure to call Equitrac (Phone: 1.877.EQUITRAC, (1.877.378.4872), or 1.519.885.2417 for calls outside of North America Email: support@equitrac.com ) and find out what cable … Continue reading

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fLast thing to do after a successful repair is cartridge alignment. Cartridge alignement makes sure that all lines are printed straight on the plotter… very important… very important if you don’t want a call back.

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A Braille embosser is a printer, necessarily an impact printer, that renders text as tactile Braille cells. Using Braille translation software, a document can be embossed with relative ease, making Braille production much more efficient and cost-effective. Blind users tend … Continue reading

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