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View RSS feed COPIER TECH BASICS What is a copier technican? A copier technician is a technician that repairs the copier. That sounds easy enough. A technician that repairs the copier. This sounds like a very simple trite little saying … Continue reading

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Nvidia  is an American global technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia is best known for its graphics processors (GPU‘s). Nvidia and chief rival AMD Graphics Technologies (formerly ATI Technologies) have dominated the high performance GPU market, pushing other … Continue reading

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Wireless networking (i.e. the various types of unlicensed 2.4 GHz WiFi devices) is used to meet many needs. Perhaps the most common use is to connect laptop users who travel from location to location. Another common use is for mobile … Continue reading

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3D printing is a phrase used to describe the process of creating three dimensional objects from digital file using a materials printer, in a manner similar to printing images on paper. The term is most closely associated with additive manufacturing … Continue reading

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JetDirect is the name of a technology sold by Hewlett-Packard that allows computer printers to be directly attached to a Local Area Network. The “JetDirect” designation covers a range of models from the external 1 and 3 port parallel print … Continue reading

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PC Tools offers a wide range of powerful utility and security software designed to optimize your PC experience. Featuring the latest technology and user-friendly features, PC Tools software is trusted and used by millions of people every day to protect … Continue reading

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