HP 4345 MFP ERROR 49.4C02

HP 4345 MFP ERROR 49.4C02

You will find this error popping up when the print que is filled with large jobs.

What is happening is the print jobs are getting corrupted and the printer is timing out or erroring out whichever term you prefer.

Now how do you handle this.

This may be corruption in the print driver.

Uninstall and reinstall print driver or try printing from another computer.

If the same thing reoccurs try isolating the network. Create a simple network with a switch the printer and the pc. Try the print que again.

If issue reoccurs the next step is to do a factory reset and try the print que again.

If this issue reoccurs update the firmware…

if issue reoccurs and you have tested the network cables and the switches and know that they are ok then your issue is either your hard drive or formatter.

First is to format the hard drive in the printer… if issue reoccurs then replace hard drive… if issue reoccurs then replace formatter.

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